Itchy Coo’s publications for secondary introduce young adults to exciting new literary experiences in Scots. Witness an Italian monk jumping off the battlements of sixteenth-century Stirling Castle in Tam o Shanter’s Big Night Oot. Dare to find out what’s in the back of the car in Des Dillon’s terrifying short story, Moor Baby.  Brave the Ned Storm with Gilbert McGlinchy in Hamish MacDonald’s The Girnin Gates. And celebrate the best of the Scots literary tradition with poetry by Robert Burns, Edwin Morgan and the Proclaimers collected for schools and the general reader in A Smoky Smirr o Rain.  For more images view our gallery.

   Age 11+   
Tam O Shanter's Big Night Oot
Wee Plays in Scots

Edited by Matthew Fitt
Double Heider
Twa Novellas in Scots
by Sheena Blackhall
The Girnin Gates by Hamish MacDonald
Gaberlunzie Joe's Pure Ghosters

Edited by Matthew Fitt

Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by Alan Grant 
Illustrated by Cam Kennedy 
Translated by Matthew Fitt & James Robertson
   Age 14+   

The Smoky Smirr o Rain
A Scots Anthology
Matthew Fitt and James Robertson
A Scots Parliament
James Robertson